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Welcome to Zentimo xStorage Manager, a powerful solution designed to optimize and enhance the management of external drives and USB devices on your Windows system. With a focus on performance, convenience, and user-friendly features, Zentimo xStorage Manager is a must-have tool for individuals and professionals who rely on external storage solutions. This full version comes pre-activated, ensuring users can enjoy the benefits of advanced drive management right from the installation. Say goodbye to the hassle of safely removing external drives and USB devices with Zentimo xStorage Manager, offering a seamless and activated experience for efficient device management.

Zentimo xStorage Manager provides an array of features to simplify the handling of external drives. Its intuitive interface allows users to monitor and control multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring a smooth and organized workflow. From enhancing drive speed to preventing data corruption during eject, Zentimo xStorage Manager is designed to address the specific challenges associated with external storage. Explore the extensive features such as drive letter management, device menu customization, and portable app launch capabilities. With Zentimo xStorage Manager, you have a comprehensive toolset at your fingertips, offering a full-featured and pre-activated solution for optimal external drive and USB device management.


1. Drive Letter Management

Effortlessly assign and manage drive letters for external devices, providing users with flexibility and control over their storage configurations.

2. Device Menu Customization

Customize the device menu to suit your preferences, allowing for quick and easy access to device-related actions and settings.

3. Portable App Launch

Launch portable applications directly from your external drives, streamlining access to essential tools and software on the go.

4. Drive Speed Enhancement

Optimize drive speed and performance with Zentimo xStorage Manager’s advanced settings, ensuring a faster and more efficient data transfer experience.

5. Quick Device Stop

Enable the quick and safe removal of external drives, reducing the risk of data corruption and ensuring a reliable and secure ejection process.

6. Drive Letter Navigation

Navigate directly to your external drives through the system tray, saving time and providing easy access to your storage devices.

7. Autorun Management

Control and manage autorun programs on your external drives, allowing users to customize the behavior of connected devices for a personalized experience.

8. Device Settings Backup and Restoration

Backup and restore device settings, ensuring a seamless transition between systems and preserving your preferred configurations.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Zentimo xStorage Manager is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit or 64-bit).


At least 256 MB RAM for optimal performance.


10 MB of available disk space for the installation of Zentimo xStorage Manager.


A Pentium-class processor or equivalent for smooth and efficient device management.

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