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Welcome to SautinSoft HTML to RTF .Net

Unlock the power of seamless document conversion with SautinSoft HTML to RTF .Net, a versatile and efficient software solution designed for developers and businesses seeking a reliable way to convert HTML content into RTF (Rich Text Format) effortlessly. This .Net library empowers users to integrate robust HTML to RTF conversion capabilities directly into their applications, providing a convenient and flexible tool for handling document format transformations. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, SautinSoft HTML to RTF .Net is the go-to solution for preserving the formatting, structure, and styling of HTML content while seamlessly converting it to RTF format, making it an invaluable asset for various industries and applications.

Discover the extensive features of SautinSoft HTML to RTF .Net, designed to meet the diverse needs of developers and businesses alike. From preserving hyperlinks and images to supporting complex CSS styles, this library ensures a high-quality conversion process. With its focus on accuracy and reliability, SautinSoft HTML to RTF .Net provides a comprehensive solution for handling HTML to RTF conversion seamlessly, offering developers the tools they need to enhance document workflows and maintain consistency across different formats.

Key Features

1. HTML to RTF Conversion

Efficiently convert HTML content to RTF format, preserving the structure, formatting, and styling of the original HTML document.

2. Hyperlink Preservation

Maintain hyperlinks during the conversion process, ensuring that links in the HTML content remain functional in the RTF document.

3. Image Support

Preserve images embedded in the HTML content, allowing for accurate representation in the RTF document without loss of visual elements.

4. CSS Styles Support

Handle complex CSS styles during the conversion, ensuring that the RTF document reflects the original styling of the HTML content accurately.

5. Table Formatting

Retain table structures and formatting from the HTML content, providing consistency and accuracy in the layout of the converted RTF document.

6. Unicode Support

Ensure compatibility with Unicode characters, allowing for the accurate representation of multilingual content in both HTML and RTF formats.

7. Customizable Conversion Options

Offer developers customizable options for the conversion process, allowing them to fine-tune the output based on specific project requirements.

8. System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Development Environment: .Net Framework 4.0 or higher

RAM: 2 GB or more

Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space

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