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Welcome to Riverblade ResOrg

Optimize your C++ projects with Riverblade ResOrg, a comprehensive resource file management tool designed to streamline the development process. ResOrg offers developers a robust solution for organizing and managing resource files, ensuring efficient compilation and linking of C++ projects. In version, users can enjoy an enhanced set of features that facilitate the management of resource symbols, string tables, and version information. This full version comes pre-activated, providing immediate access to a suite of tools that empower developers to maintain a clean and organized resource file structure, enhancing overall project readability and maintainability. Elevate your C++ development experience with Riverblade ResOrg

Explore the extensive features of Riverblade ResOrg, designed to address the complexities of resource file management in C++ projects. From automated sorting and symbol renaming to customizable formatting and comprehensive resource file analysis, ResOrg equips developers with the tools they need for efficient and error-free development. Experience enhanced productivity with features such as the ability to synchronize resource symbols with code changes, ensuring consistency between resource files and source code. With ResOrg, developers can focus more on coding and less on resource file maintenance, making it an essential tool for C++ development projects of all sizes.

Key Features:

1. Automated Sorting:

Automatically sort resource symbols in your project, maintaining a structured and organized resource file for improved readability.

2. Symbol Renaming:

Rename resource symbols effortlessly with ResOrg’s powerful symbol renaming feature, ensuring consistency and clarity in your C++ projects.

3. Customizable Formatting:

Customize the formatting of resource files according to your preferences, allowing you to adhere to specific coding standards and project requirements.

4. Comprehensive Resource Analysis:

Conduct a thorough analysis of resource files, identifying potential issues and ensuring the integrity of your C++ project’s resource structure.

5. Version Information Management:

Efficiently manage version information in your C++ projects, ensuring accurate and consistent version details across your application.

6. Synchronization with Code Changes:

Synchronize resource symbols with code changes automatically, maintaining consistency between resource files and source code throughout development.

7. String Table Optimization:

Optimize string tables within your resource files, reducing redundancy and enhancing the overall performance of your C++ projects.

8. Batch Processing:

Utilize batch processing capabilities to apply ResOrg’s features to multiple resource files simultaneously, saving time and ensuring uniformity across your project.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 7, 8, 10 or later


1 GHz or faster


512 MB RAM or more

Hard Disk Space:

20 MB of available space

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