OCBASE OCCT Patreon Edition 11.0.21 Crack + Activated 2024

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Welcome to OCBASE OCCT Patreon Edition 11.0.21

Explore the cutting-edge capabilities of OCBASE OCCT Patreon Edition 11.0.21, a powerful software suite designed for advanced computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) applications. In this full version release, patrons gain exclusive access to an array of features that elevate their engineering and simulation projects. With a focus on precision and efficiency, OCCT Patreon Edition provides a comprehensive toolkit for modeling, meshing, and analyzing complex structures. Whether you’re an experienced engineer or a Patreon supporter seeking enhanced functionalities, this activated software ensures a seamless experience in tackling sophisticated design and simulation challenges.

OCBASE OCCT Patreon Edition 11.0.21 offers a wealth of features catering to the demands of modern engineering simulations. As a pre-activated software, it provides patrons with immediate access to its full capabilities, eliminating any activation hassles. From advanced mesh generation tools to robust simulation solvers, OCCT Patreon Edition empowers users to explore the intricacies of structural and mechanical behavior, making it an indispensable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Dive into the world of OCCT Patreon Edition to experience state-of-the-art simulation technologies and take your engineering projects to new heights.

Key Features:

1. Advanced 3D Modeling

Engage in precise 3D modeling with sophisticated tools for creating intricate geometries and structures. OCCT Patreon Edition 11.0.21 provides a feature-rich environment for engineers to develop accurate representations of their designs.

2. Mesh Generation

Optimize simulation accuracy with advanced mesh generation tools. OCCT Patreon Edition allows users to create high-quality meshes, ensuring that finite element analyses provide reliable and accurate results for complex structures.

3. Simulation Solvers

Utilize powerful simulation solvers for structural and mechanical analyses. OCCT Patreon Edition features robust solvers that enable engineers to simulate and evaluate the behavior of their designs under various conditions, ensuring optimal performance.

4. Parametric Design

Explore parametric design capabilities for efficient design exploration. OCCT Patreon Edition supports parameterization, allowing users to easily modify and optimize designs, enhancing flexibility in the engineering workflow.

5. Visualization Tools

Enhance project understanding with comprehensive visualization tools. OCCT Patreon Edition 11.0.21 provides advanced visualization capabilities, allowing engineers to analyze and communicate simulation results effectively.

6. Scripting and Automation

Increase efficiency with scripting and automation features. OCCT Patreon Edition supports scripting languages, enabling users to automate repetitive tasks and customize their workflow to suit specific project requirements.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 10 (64-bit)


Multi-core processor, 2 GHz or faster


8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended)


OpenGL-compatible graphics card with 1 GB RAM

Hard Disk Space:

20 GB of available hard-disk space

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