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DRmare M4V Converter

Unlock the full potential of your digital media library with DRmare M4V Converter, an innovative solution designed to free your favorite videos from the constraints of DRM protection. With a focus on preserving both quality and convenience, this software empowers users to convert M4V files into a variety of formats, ensuring seamless playback across devices. Whether you’re looking to enjoy your content on different platforms or seeking a backup solution, DRmare M4V Converter is your go-to tool for hassle-free and efficient video conversion.

DRmare M4V Converter goes beyond traditional video conversion tools, offering a feature-rich experience to users. Its user-friendly interface belies the powerful capabilities that lie beneath, catering to both novice users and seasoned video enthusiasts. From high-speed conversion to preserving audio tracks and subtitles, this software delivers on every front, providing a reliable and efficient solution for anyone looking to break free from the restrictions imposed by DRM on their cherished video content.

Key Features

1. Comprehensive Format Support:

Convert M4V files to a wide range of formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, and more, ensuring compatibility with various devices and media players.

2. Lossless Conversion:

Preserve the original quality of your M4V videos during the conversion process, maintaining crisp visuals and clear audio without any compromises.

3. High-Speed Conversion:

Benefit from an advanced acceleration algorithm that ensures swift and efficient conversion, saving you time and enhancing productivity.

4. Retain Audio Tracks and Subtitles:

Keep the original audio tracks and subtitles intact during conversion, allowing you to enjoy your videos with all the added features they were originally designed with.

5. Customizable Output Settings:

Tailor the output settings to your preferences, adjusting parameters such as video resolution, codec, bitrate, and more for a personalized viewing experience.

6. Batch Conversion:

Convert multiple M4V files in batch mode, streamlining the conversion process and allowing you to process entire libraries of video content at once.

7. User-Friendly Interface:

Navigate the software effortlessly with its intuitive interface, designed for users of all skill levels to easily access and utilize its powerful features.

8. Regular Software Updates:

Stay ahead with regular updates that ensure compatibility with the latest DRM protection methods and media player advancements, keeping your conversion tools current.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.


1GHz or faster Intel/AMD processor.


512MB or more.

Hard Disk Space:

50MB of free space for installation.

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